Chrysler - BRM

Rare as hen's teeth!

A Chrysler BRM 1600cc Avenger engine - one of the few remaining in captivity.

BRM engineered, chain driven, twin cam, 16 valve alloy head, conversion of the Chrysler (Hillman) Avenger. It was designed as a rival to Ford's BDA but never quite came up to scratch.

Engine was acquired by a friend for his Jeffrey J4 sports car, but it was eventually sold to an Avenger enthusiast who has fitted it to a works replica rally Avenger.

The above photo shows the engine fitted to a Skip Brown bellhousing, converting it for use with a Ford gearbox. When first acquired this engine/gearbox was fitted to a rally prepared Chrysler Sunbeam.

The Chrysler BRM engine in its 'correct' home.

The engine bay of a Chrysler (Hillman) Avenger.

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