Jim Sword, the designer, builder and racer of the JASAG marque of single seater hillclimb and sprint cars.
(JASAG 7 was his latest project in 2003, in which he made appearances at the Golspie & Alford Sprints)
(JASAG 4 is still being used by Richard Green Jnr in the 2004 Guyson Scottish Hillclimb Championship)
The above example is JASAG 6 and is pictured at the sprint at the Alford transport museum (Scotland) in 2001.
This picture appeared in an article, by David Ros, in the Press & Journal (14th November 2001).
Incidentally - David Ross provides the commentary at the Alford events and was the original builder of my
1967 Cox GTM.
The rear wheel of my Hawke DL17 can just be seen on the left of this Photo.

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