The oldest Cox GTM Coupe?

The earliest known surviving example of the Cox GTM Coupe.
David Ross built Cox GTM Coupe
The above is an extract from the long defunct "Race & Rally Scotland" magazine. Issue No.8 - February 1989..... Can it Really be 17 years since I started the re-build!
Work done so far:-
Shotblasted & painted monocoque steel chassis (Including replacing tunnel floor which some previous owner had cut off!).
Re-furbished front & rear subframes, suspension & brakes.
Manufactured & fitted balance bar pedal box.
Fitted roll over bar, seat belt mounts and seat rails.
Manufactured new dashboard.
Manufactured new gear linkage.
Work still to do:-
Fit engine & gearbox (Has been temporarily fitted when making gear linkage).
Re-fit fibreglass body shell (Needs some minor crazing fixed and a lick of paint).
Rebuild drivers door completely (skin detached from frame).
Re-wire & fit plumbing (water, brakes, clutch, fuel).
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