Here is some in car footage taken with my Mustek DV2000 (incredibly cheap digital video recorder)
All videos are in Quicktime movie format.
New videos added 01/06/2008

Michael Walton (OMS) Spin at Kames 01/06/2008

Angus Buchan's Radical ZX14 - FTD! Kames 1st June 2008.

The "Ghost" breaks cover! - Kames 16/03/2008

John Mackenzie's Radical Prosport at Kames Test Day March 2008

More cars at the Kames Test Day 2008
Earlier videos
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Forrestburn 29th April 2007 Hillclimb videos
Kames Sprint 2003 - (5.9Mb Quicktime Movie)
At Kames, the Hawke did not have the LSD fitted and had taller gearing.
Golspie Sprint 2004 - (6.3Mb Quicktime Movie)
In 2004 the Hawke had the Quaife LSD and a 51 tooth rear sprocket fitted (but still had the hard rear spring rates).
Note: The Jedi and the Radical were not as close, on the track, as the video suggests - there has been a subtle edit!
Boyndie Sprint June 2005 - Quicktime Movie (7.05Mb)
Forrestburn Hillclimb July 2005 - Quicktime Movie (3.9Mb)
Just to show that I am not the only one who gets carried is Gary Dickson having a little moment, at the Forrestburn Hillclimb in September 2003, in his Westfield.
(558Kb Quicktime Movie)
....and now for my big moment at the Fintray Hillclimb, May 2006.
A slightly different view of "Ruin"...
(8.39Mb Quicktime Movie)