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The Terrapin Mk1, Mini based 'self build' race car was
designed by Allan Staniforth and detailed in his 1969 book
"High Speed Low Cost - The story of a 140mph Mini engined world record breaker and how to build it". The book was out of print for some considerable time, but thanks to the efforts of Robert Macknay (a Terrapin builder), a 40th Anniversary Edition of the book was pubublished in 2003.
Pictures of Robert Macknay's Terrapin and pictures of historic Terrapins can be found at
Terrapin Forum

Richard Walker's Terrapin Website

Terrapin Forum
Fred's website featuring his Terrapin build.

Below is a picture of a Terrapin Mk5 two seater sports racer
(also from Allan Staniforth's book and plans)

Terrapin Mk5

For more pictures of this NZ based Terrapin Mk1 go to

Landar R6

Landar R6 featured Mini engine/gearbox and subframe (with Mini rubber cone suspension) mounted in rear of a spaceframe chassis.


Landar R7

Below is a Landar R7, again this uses a Mini Engine/gearbox at the rear. The engine/gearbox and rear suspension mounts directly to the spaceframe (uses coil/over shocks and fabricated wishbones rather than the Mini subframe and suspension).

(Click here for more Landar R6 & R7 Pictures

Photo: Carl Braun of Dubuque, Iowa )


Jedi (500cc Yamaha) race car at Knockhill Race Circuit (Scotland).
Not totally Mini based but is 'miniscule'!

Deep Sanderson

Deep Sanderson - mid-mounted Mini Engine/gearbox. Similar to Cox GTM. Built in the mid sixties and had quite a competition history, including Le Mans entries. Had a tendency to break 'Rose' joints in rear suspension.
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Lawrence Tune - Deep Sanderson Site

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