Hawke FF1600 - Conversion

Hawke front suspension, top rocker arm actuates an inboard spring/damper unit.

(this picture was of my DL19 before it was restored - DL17 suspension is virtually identical - except for the anti-roll bar).

The DL17's anti-roll bar mounts onto the rear of the top of the coil/damper units, the anti-roll bar mounting blocks are attached to the bottom arm inboard pivots.

DL19 pedal box

January 2000 - After a slight miscalculation, I have had to make a second pedal box (I should have looked more closely at the pictures which I took before I cut off the original one). I also had to make a new pivot rod for the pedal assembly as I had assumed that the mounting was the same as my DL19, that is with the rod going through the bottom chassis rails, unfortunately the DL17's fitted between the rails. Anyway, a mini remote rod was the exact diameter for the pedals, so this along with two longer end spacers, fitted through the holes I had drilled in the chassis rails. I also remembered to fit the nose cone mounts to the chassis (after I spotted them on the pictures of the original!).

I am now checking to see which items I require to fit or measure before I strip the chassis for painting & paneling. Once the engine, gearbox and subframe are removed, I will fit the bottom chassis braces and tidy up some of the welds and brazing.
I am still considering changing the PCD of the front hubs to 4" PCD to suit the Revolution alloy wheels. This would require redrilling the stub axles and the brake disc bells - in order to get everything concentric I think I better speak to my friendly machine shop again. If I go down this route, I will require a set of four 5.5 or 6" x 13 (4" PCD) wheels to use with the Dunlop FF1600 tyres.



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