Hawke DL17 - Conversion June 2001

At last the bodywork is complete.

I had a new top section made from the mould acquired with the chassis. Unfortunately I requested that it should be a little thicker than the original - I nearly got a hernia lifting it into my trailer! Next time I shall be a little more specific.

Anyway, I sanded off the inside layers to get down to a respectable weight, and I sprayed the body with Ford Radiant Red cellulose.

The nosecone is a Hawke DL15 item. It does not quite match up with the top section but is OK for now. I am having a mould made of the DL17 nosecone.

The car is still sitting on its slave wheels. I have ordered a pair of 8 x 13 Revolutions, from the factory, for the front (I already have 10 x 13 Revolutions for the rear).

I now have 7.0x20.0x13 R23 compound and 9.0x20.0x13 R25 compound Hoosier slicks for Hillclimbs.

I have also ordered a set of Hoosier cut intermediates and Superlite wheels. All these wheels and tyres have cost more than the rest of the project!

Now that the Hawke looks like it should, I will get an MSA scruitineer to give it a look over and issue it an MSA competition log book. I intend to give the Hawke its first outing on 8th July at the East Fortune sprint (assuming some wheels and tyres turn up).
In the meantime, I am building a trailer for the car. I have widened an old caravan chassis by a foot and have added cantilever side rails and deck rails. The deck for the trailer is going to be made from old 3mm thick aluminium road signs



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